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Executive Overview

  • Cryptocurrency is recognized in major countries by their governments and their centralized banks.
    Over the last 5 years, cryptocurrency has proven its feasibility as a currency system and has become one of the most profitable financial instruments in the internet age. Bitcoin’s price has grown from 3 cents to more than $2,200 USD and its capitalization has exceeded $36.8 billion USD*. The governments and the central banks of the largest economies (including USA, G7 and EU, China, Russia etc.) have recognized cryptocurrency as an alternative form of money. Dozens of exchanges trade these digital currencies and the world’s largest brokers use them in their investment strategies.

  • Emission of digital currency became a legal and highly profitable business.
    By allowing your computer to participate in network operations (the Blockchain of crypto currency), any person can become an issuer (miner) of crypto-coins that can be easily converted into fiat or “real” currency. Profitability of the Ethereum coin mining exceeds 300% per year.

Problem: What Is Holding Investors Back?

  1. Crypto Currency
    • Relatively new technology in its initial developmental stage
    • Relatively little information
    • Misunderstanding digital currency and it’s potentials
  2. Mining Digital Money
    • A cautious attitude of investors towards crypto markets and mining processes,

      who view them as high-risk investments

    • Equipment and mining software dependent on single crypto currency
  3. Exchange
    • Problems with converting crypto currency into conventional money

Pelecoin Solution

A Simple Mining System

  • Equipment (rigs) can be located on the client controlled site, or on farms with 3rd party hosting companies
  • Real-time monitoring of process
  • Automatic transfer to the client’s web wallets with the ability to convert into any crypto currency or USD

Structured Crypto-financial Product

  • Structured financial product based on optimized variety of crypto-currencies
  • Pelecoin’s crypto currency basket is created from the top 25 crypto-currencies (with high liquidity on the leading exchanges) and is optimized for the profitability of the mining

VISA Debit Card

  • Pelecoins which the client receives from mining are converted into USD and can be used via our partners’ Visa debit card. (in 180 countries)
  • The client can replenish their debit card directly from the Pelecoin website.
  • The client can also withdraw funds to his wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange account.